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  1. I have a Sig P365xl which holster will be a best fit me for. Thanks for your assistance

  2. hello,i just recieved my order for subcompact holster,sized ‘pink ” color black,and much to my dissapointment ,the color was indeed pink.also,the size was almost the same as my full size holster,another stealth universal,which i very much love.can you text me back (email)or call me at573-883-9856 to help me sort this out please?thank you. john hadel email me at

  3. Hello, I saw your holsters at the KCMO January gun show, and I was just at the February gun show and I couldn’t find your table. I’m guessing you didn’t have one.
    Someone said I was able to get the gun show discount if I message you. Is that correct?

    Also, I have a Taurus G2C and I was wondering which holster would fit it the best.

  4. To Whom It May Concern:

    My name is Angela Saar. I am the treasurer for NEPA Annual Junior Shoot. We run a FREE 22 Rifle competition shoot for kids 10-18. We supply everything except the firearm that would be needed to participate. This year we will be hosting the NEPA Annual Junior Shoot on Saturday September 9th. This event is held at SGL 300, Archbald, PA. We hope we may count on your continued support and if you are new to us, we look forward to your support this year. All donations are tax exempt, our Tax ID number is 47-1585110. Check us out on Facebook for pictures of our event from past years, NEPAAnnualJuniorShoot.

    The event gives children the opportunity to compete, learn firearm safety and interact with police, sporting club members and outdoor enthusiasts. Every child leaves the event with not only a great prize for their efforts, but more importantly, a better understanding of the sport, comradery and a new build on personal self-esteem. Through your generous donor support prizes, gift bags, food & beverages are supplied and are provided at the event. A great time for all is had while enhancing the outdoor shooting sports experience.

    We showcase our donor products, provide trophies for the various age groups and everyone walks away with a smile and a gift. We ask you to help us bring that smile to some wonderful children. We realize they are our future to the continued shooting experience. All else rests on what we can provide them educationally, competitively and morally.

    Please consider us as we would like to open the attendees up to 200 children this year. We ask for donations to include firearms, monetary donations, clothing, archery gear, hunting gear, outdoor gear, fishing gear, ammunition, binoculars, hats, jackets, shirts, stickers, company logos, food, beverages and anything that may once again help our cause.

    This event is solely donation based. Any donations we receive go right back to the kids. This non-profit is made up of 100% volunteers, no one is paid. Please send all donations to the address listed below or call to arrange for pickup. We hope you can indeed help us this year. Without your generous support this event would not take place. Please help us to properly show our youth the advantages of firearm safety, competition and overall good sportsmanship. We know they are the key to the future.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Again, thank you in advance for your continued support. Sincerely, Angela Saar, NEPA Annual Junior Shoot, Treasurer

  5. I was lucky to catch you gentlemen as you were leaving the American Legion Independence gun show. Bought a revolver holster from you. I must say it is great. Comfortable as an appendix carry without the hammer jamming into my “tactical shelf”
    Quality product that does exactly what it’s supposed to do.

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